The 2009 Cabernet was my first wine I made. Rich, full bodied, high in Tannins. The flavor is very fruit forward in the nose. Tasting the wine you will get the berry fruit, like raspberries,  blackberries, and the finish is smooth which is a character of the secondary fermentation of the ML. This wine will lay down for many years to come. This wine won a Silver and Bronze in 2 wine competitions in 2013.

In 2013 our Reserve Cabernet was picked from the Machado Ranch and picked from the top of the hill where the soil was rocky.  Soil drainage produces less fruit with a lot more flavors in the grapes, giving us a better tasting wine. We produced 3 barrels of the Reserve and it already tastes wonderful. We have just infused the fire roasted French and American oak as well as a oven toasted Savour French oak kiss, giving the wine a smooth vanilla finish. This wine is very berry flavored in the nose as well as the taste. This wine is bold and will pair well with a BBQ’d ribeye steak.